21st July 2017

The Recipe:

Take one beautiful setting lingering in the hills of The Scottish Borders and seven areas of sublime musical brilliance: Mix in the Mainstage and Beatroot Cafe stage hosting bands and Dj’s from afar as well as local legend bands an’all .. Bang in the bass with the Electrikal Sound System .. Beat in one tastie Otherwhere dance tent .. Heat it up with Boom Bap Hip Hop stage .. Sprinkle liberally with banter from our Cackle Bar, add lashings and lashings of Thistly Cross Cider .. Made by the people for the people, creativity, talent and raw energy, season to taste!

A three day wondrous concoction of beautiful artwork, inspiring people, community spirit and of course the mind blowing acts stirred together quite nicely to bring us this glorious spectacle!

Audio Soup promises to be an audio-visual experience to remember, we cater to every musical taste, from rock to reggae, drum ‘n’ bass to dub; we’re all about mixing it up!

We are also happy to welcome people of all ages, including children to partake in soupy action, so come one come all to be part of the soupy madness!

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